Mace Fitness offers small group sessions, limited to 6 people per group, suited for all levels and ages.

Our experienced trainers will make sure you push your limits and get the most out of your workout every session.

Please see the timetable below.



Group membership
4 groups per month - $59 every fortnight
8 groups per month - $119 every fortnight
12 groups per month - $179 every fortnight

*Casual group from $40

Gym membership
$49 every fortnight

The gym membership also includes: 

  • FREE intro session (60mins)

  • Tailor written program

  • One FREE group session

*Casual visit $25




Push your personal limits! With minimal rest and ongoing intensity, your body will hit new thresholds. This challenging class will incorporate a variety of exercises aiming to develop strength, mental and physical endurance and cardiovascular fitness.

Duration: 60 minutes



This class will  maximise your general and core strength and help you build a better foundation by incorporate dynamic and ballistic movements as well as compound and isolated exercise techniques. You have never experienced a class like this. 

Duration: 60 minutes



If you want to improve your athleticism in sport, this is the class for you. We have helped many athletes of all ages achieve life-long goals and take their athleticism to the next level. Contact us and together we will help you reach your goals. 

Duration: 60-120 minutes